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MU Online Fanz
[MU Online Fanz]
MU Online Fanz is the leading MU Online fan site and game guide!

What do we do?
  • Publish the MU Online Fanz website! ⚔️
  • Host a dedicated Discord server for MU Online! 💪
  • Help moderate the official MU Online forums! 🤝
  • Create and host promotional events for MU Online! 🎉

Mu Pixel - ORPG
Mu Pixel - ORPG is an exciting online game based on the Lost Continent of MU. MU was at one time a magnificent, glorious, and powerful empire which no one ever could have foreseen it's collapse. It was a place of government and order. Sadly, it's people began to turn on their own government and began overwhelming the empire's armed forces with violent attacks and destruction of cities. As power hungry warmongers weakened the empire, another even more devastating threat appeared: Kundun's Resurrection...

What do we do?

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